Pork Meatball and Noodle Soup

I have sat down to write this recipe after almost a good two months of making it. A cursory glance at my blog this evening made me realise that I haven't posted a thing in a fortnight. And that particular fortnight saw Calcutta celebrate its biggest festival — Durga Pujo. If you have been following my Eat Like a Bong series right before Pujo last year, you would be knowing why exactly I was shocked at my dubious track record this time. In my defence I can just say that I am running a crazy schedule. Like REALLY CRAZY. And a whimsical and defunct laptop doesn't help when you have items in your draft piling up but not a single scope to organise them into proper posts. Thank heavens to these bursts of mini inspiration when you sit at office only to realise, among many other things, that you haven't blogged for way too long. And such are the times when you keep open blogger on a separate tab on your work desktop and sneak in a word or two after every copy (refers to a news item) you look into.
Did I tell you I love sipping into hot soup when I am working? I normally bring dinner from home but on days I have cough, cold, a sore throat or am just in need of some comfort, my go-to place is Blue Poppy in Sikkim House (that is located right next to my office building). A hearty bowl of their Thenthuk or Mentsetse soothes my soul instantly. This particular afternoon too, I was feeling a bit down. I don't exactly remember the reason why though (two months is a long time you see, and I'm not growing any younger either!) So I decided to pamper myself a bit by making this Pork Meatball and Noodle Soup. Since I am addicted to spinach, I threw in that in good amounts as well. The result was sheer alchemy. The noodle soup lover in me almost tried to pack a box of the same to work but no microwave in office means cold soup, which is not a great idea.
But what is a great idea is making this soup. If you're not a pork person, there's chicken for you. So no excuse is excuse enough for giving this a miss. I'll make it again this winter, will you?
Serves: 2-3


Pork/Chicken stock: 500 ml
Spicy pork sausages, casing removed and minced: 10 pieces (I used link sausages)
Egg noodles: 100 gm
Spinach, washed well: half a bunch (roughly 200 gm)
Fish sauce: to taste
Black pepper powder: to taste


1. In a large plate, take the minced pork and with your hands shape them into medium sized balls. 10 cocktail sized link sausages should yield enough pork mince for 12 meatballs. You can add any spice or flavour to your meatballs if you wish, I didn't. Keep the meatballs aside.

2. In a deep-bottomed non stick pot, heat the pork/chicken stock till it comes to a boil. Once it does, drop the meatballs gently into the stock and then add the egg noodles directly into the pot. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook for 7-8 minutes till the meatballs are almost cooked and noodles al dente.

3. Now add the spinach leaves (you can tear them roughly if you want to, I added them as it is), fish sauce and pepper, stir well and again let it simmer covered for 7-8 minutes till the spinach leaves have wilted.

4. Serve hot in big bowls. Well, that's it!
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