Green Apple Vodka Cocktail

Heylo all, I have a guest today. No, it's not any fellow blogger but happens to be a dear friend. Our association has a strange history. We met at a friend's wedding (we only attend weddings, because you know, we are too cool to get married ourselves :P) and very soon became fast friends. He is one of those rare people who really and truly understands my undying love for Benedict Cumberbatch. He keeps on sending me photos of the man when I'm buried with work at office. Like me, he also nurtures a passion for cooking and eating (and unlike me, sweats himself to death by doing 400 push ups a day). He is ever so keen on what I'm cooking, comes over to my place on my off days to get a taste of the same and is always the first person to "like" each of my blog posts on facebook...all those things that flatter you! :P So who better to kickstart my guest post section than Aritra Bhatta?! And this is what he has to say.

I won’t be a chauvinist and say guys enjoy drinking and whatever comes in a slender package teases us. Neither will I say that the heat and the urge to drink in this weather prompted me to try something like this. Frankly I have never been a fan of cocktails. I have always loved the idea of plain and simple pour and gulp. But well, my dear friend whose blog this appears in, is somewhat of an artist when it comes to cooking. We both enjoy good food and an occasional good drink. But this summer (and oh what a summer this has been so far) made us apathetic towards anything that was not refreshing. This cocktail was a product of our combined efforts to trying something new and refreshing yet intoxicating. She opened her kitchen to me (which is most of the times stuffed with everything fancy you find in a TV show kitchen) and I played along with liquor and flavours merrily. Easy to make and yet very relaxing a drink was the output of that experiment. I say experiment because the other batches with other bases and additives did not all turn out to be masterpieces (if you are a fan of the FRIENDS refer to Monica’s cookie recipe disaster and Ross’s “Get out of the way” ;) ).
Serves: 1


Vodka (I used Smirnoff): 30 ml (you can always indulge but make sure the green apple crush and lime juice be there to complement, otherwise it would just be the flavor of a strong booze).
Green Apple Crush, chilled: 40ml
Lime juice: 1/2 a lime (avoid lime cordial if you can)
Ice cubes: 3-4


1. Other than the ice put everything in a shaker and shake well.

2. Take any broad based glass or a martini glass. Add ice cubes. Pour the contents of the shaker.

3. Add a dash of lime juice. Garnish the brim with a thin slice of lemon. Voila! Enjoy a chilled glass of emerald delight.

PS: Aritra has very enthusiastically suggested that you pour the drink in martini glasses. PLEASE DO! Don't use horrible glasses like me that take away half the excitement from the drink. Let the heat subside a bit. I too will get fancy glasses. :)


  1. and I too will get new glasses....kind of a motivation to drink more and get people drunk at the same time!!! :p and ofcourse this is just the start I hope to add more as your guest! :)
    marriage takes away all the energy! ;) we will cook more and eat even more....


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