Mango Mastani

If you're doing a Mango Special series, a mango milkshake is a must I guess. However common it is, it can never get passé. The night before I made this, I was randomly surfing Google for good mango milkshake photographs (you see a little bit of inspiration goes a long way!). It was then that I bumped across this concept of Mango Mastani that is said to have originated in Pune. Notwithstanding its fancy name, it's a variant of mango milkshake with ice cream garnished by chopped nuts. Pretty common, you say? Then hold on, this drink actually has a history and being a sucker for the history and origin about most things in general and any kind of food in particular, I jumped from article to article. Finally this article by ChowderSingh was able to answer most of my questions about this uniquely-named drink.
The author traces the history of this drink back to 80 years ago, when it was called ice cream cold drink. But the success of this concoction very soon led to loyal customer calling it 'Mast’. In keeping with that, around 30-35 years ago, the name of the drink was changed to Mastani (which again refers to Peshwa Bajirao 1's lover). Do read the whole article here for the first hand story.
Now that you know the history, let's move on to the drink.
Makes 1 tall glass and a little more

Mangoes, peeled and chopped roughly: 2
Chilled milk: 1 cup
Vanilla/Mango ice cream: 1 scoop + 2 scoops for garnish
Ice cubes: 5-6
Sugar: If needed and as much (optional)
Chopped nuts: 2 tbsp (I used pistachios, almonds and cashews)


1. In a blender put everything (except the ingredients for garnish) and whiz it up till smooth and creamy. Feel free to alter proportions of mangoes and milk to your liking. You can do away with that one scoop of ice cream in the shake as well (in that case you'll need just two for garnish). The result will be deliciously creamy nonetheless.

2. Pour into a tall glass, top it up with 2 scoops of mango/vanilla ice cream (or better still one scoop of each) and sprinkle chopped nuts. I had some stray chocolate chips lying in a bowl, so I sprinkled that as well.

3. Devour and go to mango heaven.
It's Raining Mangoes: Day 5
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