Devil's Food Cake


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Question: How did you manage the clean...almost mirror-like frosting in this cake? Clearly there's some trick in that, since the original birthday cake was rather an uneven smear!

    1. Hi, if you read the first paragraph of the post you'd notice it says "the only time it (the birthday cake) came together was bang at midnight, minutes after which it was cut into and devoured". I made the frosting barely an hour before that and frosted the cake right after which the photograph was taken. I did not use a spatula then to even out the frosting on the top and sides. Also, this time the frosting was refrigerated for 3-4 hours and the cake too was resting in the fridge overnight (after it was frosted and before it was photographed) which allowed it to set properly. Hence the difference in appearance.

  2. Can it be made without the eggs.??


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