Bloody Mary Shrimp Soup

As you guys must have already known by now, I am not much into alcohol. I do keep a stock of them in my pantry for mostly cooking purposes, but hardly ever would you find me sitting on the couch with a glass of rum and coke or gin and tonic in hand. Why then did I make this Bloody Mary, you ask? Well, my primary motive was to make a tomato-based drink. The fact that I had some vodka lying at arm's length contributed to the idea of a Bloody Mary. But on hindsight the real reason I am thankful that I made Bloody Mary is because I could use the leftovers to make this Bloody Mary Shrimp Soup. And folks, if you love your Bloody Mary, mark my words, you'll love this ten times more!
Quite a few years back, in an episode of Jamie's 30-minute meals (or 15? I don't exactly remember), I had come across a recipe of Mussels or Clams in a Bloody Mary Sauce. Again, I don't remember how he made his sauce. Of course Google was just a tap away. But I chose to go with my own gut. I had a couple of glasses of Bloody Mary adorning my fridge in their pristine gorgeousness. All I did was let it cook. Brought it to a boil first and continued to let it simmer till I was happy with the consistency. The shrimps, in the meanwhile, were dropped in the pan of boiling Bloody Mary and then taken out in no time because no one wants to eat rubber with such a punchy sauce. So I gave the Bloody Mary sauce its own time and then finally ladled it on my boiled shrimps, garnished with some parsley, and tell you what? It was "Bloody" good!
Serves: 1

Shrimps, washed and deveined: 10-12
Bloody Mary cocktail: 1.5 cups (find the recipe of Bloody Mary here)
Fresh parsley/mint, chopped finely: 2 tbsp


1. In a deep bottomed saucepan add the Bloody Mary and bring to a boil. Now drop the shrimps into the boiling liquid. Cook for 5 minutes till the shrimps are cooked and opaque. Take the out with a slotted spoon and line the base of your serving bowl.

2. Let the Bloody Mary continue cooking for a few more minutes till you get your desired texture. Ladle the liquid on the shrimps.

3. Garnish with fresh parsley or mint or both and serve with crusty bread and soup sticks.
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