Momo Festival at China South, Q Court, Quest Mall

First things first, heartfelt apologies for the photographs accompanying this post. This does not happen often but it was one of those "Oh-my-God-why-didn't-it-strike-me-earlier" days. The night before I was transferring some photographs to my laptop via the memory card. While I was in that mode, a friend of mine ushered me in for a video chat. By the time I was done with it an hour later, the memory card which was stuck in the SD card slot of my laptop completely escaped my mind. I went off to sleep, woke up the next day, took a hurried shower, had several issues with putting on my new pair of contact lens (cornea turning red, tears rolling down and all such s**t), lugged my camera kit, braved the heat like a hero, haggled with a cabbie and finally reached Quest Mall 20 minutes later than scheduled. In all this I conveniently forgot that my camera didn't have a memory card inside it! So my almost dead phone that can breathe its last any moment now was forced into some exercise. This explains the dearth of photos and the miserably poor quality thereof. Hope you'll bear with me and divert your attention to the momos I talk about. Thanks.
Aaah momos! The name itself brings such bliss and joy! I am quite a momo-monster (term borrowed from my 4-year-old nephew who likes to call himself a dimsum-monster) and the ongoing momo festival at China South, Q Court, seemed reason enough for a visit even in this sweltering heat. The fare began with vegetarian momos. Not a fan of this version of momos by any means, they weren't enough to win my heart either. Well, mushroom momos could have been a different story. But I thought the sweet corn and capsicum momo was too dry and even though the mixed veggie momo fared slightly better it wasn't nothing much to write home about either. The non-vegetarian momos were a much better deal though. The Chicken momos had a subtle mince meat filling with some juice oozing out the moment you tore it open. This time last year I was in Sikkim and had some of the best momos in my life. I also noticed that the juicy-ness in the filling of the momos is something our Calcutta outlets can't replicate. This chicken momo was a bold step in that direction.
The baked chicken momos were an innovation aimed at luring health-conscious individuals. The filling for this was different and drier than the regular chicken momos. But I like my momos steamed the traditional way and would rather stick to that. What was a welcome breath of fresh air was the Chicken Pav Buns. Resembling closely what are Chinese Baos, these were super soft buns with a chicken filling. There was a veggie variant as well but of course that did not interest me much! These come in plates of 3 (for 190 INR) and can suffice as a good hearty meal. There are fish and prawn sui mui as well — dumplings loaded with fillings that are good to eat and light on the tummy as well!
If momos are not your thing, China South has pretty good Chinese on offer as well. Their Crispy Chilli Baby Corn, Chilli Honey Fish and Hakka Noodles all were pleasing to the palate and boasted of flavours better than a regular food court outlet.
If you are a hardcore momo lover like me and happen to live in south Calcutta, drop by at Q court. This festival is on till June 15 and I'm sure you'd want to make the best of it.


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