Go Whacky with Waffles

I have always complained that Calcutta doesn't have good enough dessert joints. Even more bleak is the breakfast scene here. Now I'm not much of a breakfast person but I know for a fact that barring a couple of places, I'm unlikely to get stuff like pancakes and waffles that'll blow my mind.

The same thought drove Kashifa Asif and Navleen Sawhney when they decided to set up Whacky Waffles, the first ever only waffles-kiosk in the city. So braving the fury of the sun, fellow KFBians Vishal, Sammya and I made way to this kiosk situated right next to Brand Factory in Lee Road adjacent to the rear gate of Forun Mall. Whacky Waffles made its debut in the Christmas Carnival 2014. "Astounded by the success we had there, we decided to take it a step ahead and open up this kiosk," said Kashifa, partner, Whacky Waffles.

Boasting of an array of these Belgian staples (17 sweet and 3 savoury varieties to be precise) all within 100-190 INR, Whacky Waffles is sure to tingle your tastebuds with their brilliant offering. With flavours like Choco-Bloc, Nutella Monkey, Oreo Monster and Naught Nougatine on the menu you are sure to get a pick of what you love the most...be it chocolates, ice cream or even fruits. I tasted their Awesome Threesome and Berry Merry and loved both.

The only gripe for me though (and that largely has to do with our country being such a berry-unfriendly one) was the absence of fresh berries to top the waffles. We don't get fresh berries here true, but fillings and syrups and crushes have their own limitations unfortunately. I sincerely hope and look forward to the use of fresh mangoes to adorn the waffles as the season progresses.

I'd definitely come back here for a taste of their savoury waffles. Mushrooms and baked beans and fries excite me without fail, and as toppings for waffles even more so!

Not just waffles, this place also whips up for you fresh coolers and shakes and even have non-waffle finger foods like French Fries, Steamed Corn, Veggie Fingers, Chilli Garlic Potatoes and Nachos.
So if you're shopping in Forum and the same old Food Court options don't excite you much make sure you hop out into the sun for a few minutes and grab a bite into these waffles. I'm sure you won't regret getting tanned!

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  1. Hi Pritha, nice read and lovely pictures! Can't agree more that Kolkata needs breakfast places. Yes, it will be wonderful to see waffles topped with fresh mangoes. And it will be good to read about savoury waffles as I'm pretty much a savoury person. I have this city blog Kolkata Curry (www.kolkatacurry.blogspot.in) for none years. It's a lot about food and Bangla cinema. It will be nice if you check it out and drop comments. Your blog is followed by me and I 'like'd Guilt Free's Facebook page too.


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