Oreo Shake

In my two-year stint in Delhi, my favourite cafe was Big Chill. I love that place and I'm sure most of you who've been there love it too. With their huge menu list, I completely feel like a child in a candy store when I'm there. But one thing I just cannot do without are their desserts - the New York Baked Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Decadence and Mississippi Mud Pie being among my favourites. Now I'm not much of a shake person, as in I hardly order drinks while I'm eating out. But Big Chill is an exception. Their shake menu would baffle you, and you may well end up ordering one of each. Trust me, I've done that many a time.
Last August my mother had come down to Delhi to visit me and I took her to Big Chill enroute our shopping spree at Lajpat Nagar. Now she has a huge sweet tooth. She really doesn't mind what else you feed her provided she gets her bit of chocolatey end to it. I had ordered the Oreo Shake for her, and need I mention she totally drooled over it? So this morning when she told me to cut her a slab of chocolate ice cream that was resting in the freezer, I immediately thought of jazzing it up with Oreos (her new-found love). Now this shake it not for the weak-hearted, nor is it for the calorie-conscious. It packs almost an entire day's calories in a single serving (okay, that's saying a bit too much). I very deliberately curbed my temptation and made just one glass for her. But you know a mother's heart, right? How could she gulp down an entire glass of sinful chocolatey goodness without sharing it her with her only "child"? She couldn't. So she force-fed me one half of the glass. A part of my original intention was shattered, but half a glass of sin is still better than a full glass, what say?
Serves: 2


Oreo biscuits: 8+2
Cold Milk: 1/2 cup
Chocolate/Vanilla ice cream: 3 big scoops
Ice cubes: 8-10


1. Throw in 8 oreos and all the other ingredients in an electric mixer and pulse till smooth and creamy.

2. Crumble the remaining two oreos. Pour the shake in your glasses, sprinkle the crumbled bits on top and devour!

3. You can also add some chocolate sauce to it, but I prefer the unadulterated flavour of Oreos.


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