Spaghetti Carbonara

And while we are still on the topic of pasta, let me quickly recap for you the Spaghetti Carbonara I cooked a few weeks back. Evidently I had been way too consumed with this and this that passing on this simple gem of a recipe to you had completely escaped my mind. Carbonara, however, comes with raw egg alert. So if you think you are allergic to eggs, or would feel yucky at the prospect of eating raw egg yolks, eliminate the egg bit from the recipe. Make a cream and parmesan sauce instead. That would certainly not be Carbonara, but it'll still blow your mind. I made it for my egg-allergic mother and it blew hers.

Serves: 3


Spaghetti: 200 gm
Bacon, cubed: 200 gm
Olive oil: 2 teaspoons 
White wine vinegar: 2 tsp
Eggs: 2
Galic, chopped finely: 1 tsp
Parmesan, grated: 1/2 cup 
Cream: 1/ 2cup
Salt, to taste
Black pepper, for seasoning
Freshly ground nutmeg, for seasoning
Red chilli flakes, for seasoning


1. Put a large pan of water on to boil for the pasta. Cook the pasta according to packet instructions till al dente. Set aside and reserve the water.

2. In another large pan, cook the bacon in oil until crispy. Add garlic and pour over white wine vinegar. After a few minutes, add the drained pasta, tossing well to coat with the bacon. 

3. In a bowl, beat together the eggs, parmesan, cream, salt and pepper. 

4. Take the pan off the heat again and add the eggs and cheese mixture, swiftly tossing everything to mix. Thin with pasta water, if needed. Grind over some more pepper and red chilli flakes and grate over the nutmeg to serve.


  1. I am definitely trying it but without eggs!!!


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