Eggs in Cheese Gravy

This recipe is random-ness foodified. On days when you have nothing in your fridge but have to whip up a quick meal, this incredibly simple egg dish will surely come to your rescue. I have a pishi who used to make a certain egg gravy in white sauce (I called it shaada dim) which I simply adored as a kid. I have no clue how she made it...tons and tons of butter and cheese, I suppose! Here's my take of that shaada dim to which I have given the fancy name eggs in cheesy gravy (even though the cheese used here is an absolute minimum!)

Serves: 1-2


Eggs, boiled: 2
Olive Oil: 1 tsp
Butter: 1-2 tsp
Cheese: 2 tbsp
Onion, pasted: 2tbsp
Garlic: 1tsp
Milk: 4-5 tbsp
Cream: 2 tbsp
Flour: 1 tbsp (optional)
Salt, to taste
Coriander leaves, for garnish


1. Boil the eggs and slice them longitudinally. Keep aside.

2. In a non-stick pan, heat 1 tsp oil and 1 tsp butter.

3. Add the pasted onion. Saute for a couple of minutes and then add garlic. The onion imparts a sharpness to the gravy. So if you're craving for subtlety skip it altogether.

4. Now add 2 tbsp of cream cheese (Amul cheese spread will also do), milk and let the gravy simmer in low heat. In case you're not using onion, add 1tbsp of flour to hold the gravy together.

5. Once it becomes a pale white shiny consistency add the eggs, a little bit of salt and coat well. (Go easy on the salt because the cheese is already quite salty). Cook on low heat for 2 more minutes.

6. Add the cream, pour into a serving plate, garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with steamed rice or bread.

P.S.: For the couldn't-care-less-about-calories, you can use AS MUCH butter, cream and cheese as you like! More the fat, better the taste!


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