Plum Muesli Yoghurt Smoothie

There was a point, sometime during the middle of last year, when I had more than 25 posts in my draft. Posts that were more than a year old. And during the entire while, when I cooked but rarely shot anything, this draft remained as a cushion for me. It was a place where I could go back to, fish out something and post. It kind of made up for my terrible laxity in photographing my food. An entire year passed like this, but standing at the threshold of a new year, I realise that my draft treasury has waned a great deal. I now have less than 10 posts inhabiting it, some have no accompanying pictures (which means I need to make the dish again and shoot it. Darn!), whereas a couple of others are strictly seasonal (read Eggnog and Christmas Fruit Cake), a blank page with the headline of Spain-Portugal travelogue, and another one whose pictures I'm way too embarrassed to put up. So that leaves me with 4 posts that I can share with you, all dating back to more than a year and shot in my old point and shoot camera. One of that is this Plum Muesli Yoghurt Smoothie.

Okay, rant time now. I weigh myself regularly. Yet there are those days when I suddenly realise that the number has spiked beyond control. And then I wonder what I had been doing the entire while. I mean nobody's weight can shoot by 7-8 kilos overnight, it is obviously a gradual process. Why did it not register to me when there was still some hope? Was I living under a rock? Couldn't I read my machine? Didn't I figure out when I was +1, +2 or +3 that it was time to pull the reins? But more often than not, the damage is mostly done. And I'm left scourging the refrigerator for some fruits, milk and fibre in a desperate bid at redemption. This smoothie was a result of one such act.

Now that I'm barely a week away from going on my first trip of the year, and have reached an unprecedented stage of 'heaviness of being', maybe it's time to explore such smoothies a bit more. Can I drop a kilo or two in 7 days? Only time will tell.  
Serves: 2

Plums, chopped and deseeded: 3
Muesli/Oats: 3 tbsp + 1 tbsp for garnish
Greek/Hung Yoghurt: 1/2 cup
Milk: 1/2 cup
Honey: 2 tsp (or as required)
Ice cubes: 4-5

1. In a blender, plonk all the ingredients together and give a few good whizzes to make into a smooth...well...smoothie!

2. Sprinkle some muesli, plant a plum half on the rim and serve chilled.
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