Banana Coffee Walnut Milkshake

What a dud recipe to start off the new year, isn't it? I mean, what's there in a Banana Coffee Walnut Milkshake? The name itself is a giveaway of the recipe, right? Absolutely right. There's nothing new in it. No pathbreaking secret ingredient that makes it a legend. But nonetheless, it's pretty darn good, and that's why it has made its way to the blog. 
2016 has been a trying year for Guilt Free, and from what the weather forecast predicts, 2017 is going to be even worse. Not that there haven't been better food I've cooked in the last year. I have, of course, but almost always successfully failed to fish out the camera and shoot it. There was a time when nothing on the table would be eaten without being shot. No more so. Gone are those days of luxurious cooking, shooting and eating. The cleaning bit associated with it gives me nightmares. I am only too happy to gobble up whatever I've cooked and rush to office. And when guests are over, it doesn't feel right to keep them waiting and indulge in the self-obsessed act of shooting your own food! So things that actually end up getting photographed are stuff like these: milkshakes and such that you make in the first hour of the day to break your fast. These take minutes to come together, require little or no props at the time of shooting and nothing close to an elaborate set up. And the best part is that you have only one glass to wash after all this!
Serves: 2

Bananas, sliced in rounds and frozen for at least 2-3 hours: 3
Instant coffee powder: 2 tbsp (I used Nescafe Gold)
Milk: 2 glasses
Walnuts: a handful
Chocolate sauce: For drizzling

1. Get a blender, plonk all the ingredients together, blend, pour, drizzle, devour. :)

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