Vanilla Caramel Affogato

A few months back one January afternoon I had sneaked out from work and joined my blogger friend Manjari (of For the Love of Food) for a salad and coffee date at Fire and Ice, right next to my office. Now Manjari was on a healthy eating spree around that time and I just had had my lunch and come to work. So we decided to skip the pizza and order their Caprese Salad and Affogato. Being cheese aficionados that we are the Mozzarella in the Caprese failed to strike a chord with us. We found it tough, leathery and far removed from the soft and smooth mozzarella that we've had elsewhere. But what won the day for us was the outstanding Affogato. Affogato, which translates to "drowned" in Italian is primarily a very very basic dessert of vanilla ice cream submerged in strongly-brewed coffee. With something that requires as many as two ingredients you can rarely go wrong but Fire and Ice's ice cream is probably one of the best vanillas I've had in town.
In this version, however, I've used some caramel sauce to crown my vanilla ice cream before they plunge under the boiling hot coffee. I love caramel in all forms and almost in anything. The smoothness of the vanilla, the punch of the caramel and the strength of the coffee were probably a match made in heaven. My mum held her glass, looked at it with scrutiny and finally blurted out, "Eta te toh amar mon bhorbe na, aro chai" (my heart won't be satisfied with just this much, I want more!). So I got for her an extra bar of vanilla ice cream and told her to make it whenever she wishes!
Serves: 1

Hot coffee, strongly brewed: 1 cup (you can add sugar if you wish)
Vanilla ice cream: 2-3 scoops
Caramel sauce: 3-4 tbsp (I used this caramel sauce recipe without the salt)
Chocolate shavings: for garnish


1. In a martini glass, scoop out 2-3 dollops of vanilla ice cream. Drizzle some caramel sauce over it. Then very carefully from one side of the glass pour in the hot coffee till 3/4th of the ice cream is submerged. Garnish with chocolate shavings. Delizioso!
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