Rum and Coke Popsicles

I'm not really a coke-addict (no, I'm not talking about the other kind of coke. :P ), but what I swear by are cola candies. When we were kids we used to get this frozen cola thingie in narrow tube-like plastic cases. You had to tear one end off by your teeth and suck the cola from the tube. It was called pepsi at a time Lehar hadn't even launched Pepsi. Rumour had it that these cola candies were made of drain water. Our parents would categorically tell us not to have it. We heard, we nodded in agreement and once they went out of sight we had some more of it. And then one fine day it went off the the market. The vendors who went from door to door and sat outside school with such "pepsis" were nowhere to be seen. The product had also disappeared with them.
A decade and a half later, while I was working in Delhi, I discovered that the Mother Dairy ice cream carts that were stationed in front of my office had cola candies in their stock. My ecstasy knew no bounds. Every evening — Summer, Monsoon, Winter notwithstanding — I'd step out of office, get a cola candy and chomp on it like a girl of 5.
When I got these popsicle moulds from New Market the other day the very first thing I thought of making were orange stick and cola candy. Now oranges are not in season but cola always is. I got a pet bottle of Coke Zero (though I'd advise that you use regular coke), thought of making it slightly wicked by adding some rum and since I was on a fridge-cleansing spree added the little bit of Kahlua that was left from my previous uses. I later on learnt from Google that this combination is called Dirty Pirates! This popsicle is such a fabulous blend of your childhood memories of faux pepsi and your adulthood realities of rum and coke!
Makes 6 popsicles

Coca Cola: 350 ml (I used diet but I'd recommend the regular Coke)
Dark rum: 30 ml (feel free to play with the quantity. I'm not much of a drinker so I kept it to a bare minimum)
Kahlua (or any other liqueur): 30 ml


1. In a big jug empty you coke and allow it to stand for sometime till the fizz is gone and it goes flat. Now pour in the rum and kahlua, give everything a good stir, pour them into popsicle moulds and freeze overnight. I bet this is the most difficult recipe you'll come across in my blog. :P

2. And since you're freezing it overnight, I presume you'll be getting drunk in the morning. Well then, cheers!
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