Tropical Fruit Salad

When I was working in Delhi, I used to live in Green Park for a year. My office was a stone's throw away from my place. Green Park, you'd know if you're a Delhi-ite is quite renowned for its fresh fruits. We had a fruit vendor at every block and all of has had our own favourite. The one that was my favourite was so because he had the widest possible fruit spread possible and he even gave me discounts if I loaded my basket. Now the biggest boon of living at a distance of 100 yards from office was that every alternate Summer evening I would make a trip to the fruit vendor sometime around 6.30, pack my bag with 2 each of mangoes, pears, plums, kiwis, peaches, apricots, apples, a bouquet of litchis and maybe a melon (watermelon, muskmelon anything!) They also sold something called Ramphal, a deep yellowish orange fruit, whose English name I haven't yet been able to decipher.

Those were days that I was very conscious about my health and despite coming back home at 12.30-1 at night, my day used to begin at 6.30 am. A quick brush and a glass of lemon-honey water later I would get into my tracks and out for a jog at the Hauz Khas Lake. Aah, bliss it was. Two hours of unadulterated workout, gazing at the lake and roaming around aimlessly in the gardens. Hauz Khas Lake is and probably will always remain my favourite place in Delhi.
Back by 8.30 I would now embark to make a "healthy" breakfast for myself, which would most often consist of a fruit smoothie or a bowl of fresh fruit salad. Out would come my chopping board and knife and parking myself in front of the TV to watch the morning news I'd chop away the fruits procured the previous evening for my day's quota of vitamins and minerals. Needless to say I did not have an oven at my disposal so my urge to bake with whatever I found at arm's length couldn't be met.
In the last year or so while I've been baking with every fruit I can lay my hands on, I realised I've almost forgotten to eat fruits as they are meant to be eaten. So when on one of my recent trips to New Market I hoarded fruits the way I would from my Green Park fruitwallah I decided to go the fresh and vibrant way and make this simple fruit salad. I wanted to add some pomegranates/cherries to the amalgamation for a burst of red but since that wasn't available on the given day, I decided to go ahead with it.
PS: If, for the love of God, you live in a place where berries are in abundance in Summer, please pay respect to those tiny bundles of joy and incorporate them in your salad by all means. India is not very kind to us berry-wise, a serious reason why I wouldn't mind shifting base to any other country. :(

Mango, cubed: 2
Green Apple, cubed: 1
Kiwi, cubed: 2
Litchi, deseeded and torn roughly: 10
Banana, diced: 1

For the dressing:

Honey: 1/4 cup
Sesame seed: 1 tbsp
Lime juice: 1.5 tbsp


1. For the dressing: In a non-stick pan, toast the sesame seeds till light golden. Turn off heat and set aside. Heat the honey in the microwave for 20 seconds. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Now add the lime juice and the sesame seeds (leaving a little for garnish) to the honey and mix well.

2. In a salad bowl mix the cut fruits together. Pour in the dressing gradually and toss the fruit so that the entire thing is coated with the dressing. Sprinkle some toasted sesame and serve (ideally) chilled.
Summertime Love: Day 8
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  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    A lot of fruits in North India are called Ramphal or Sitaphal. The one you are describing is persimmon, which comes in a variety of colours from yellowish orange to tomatoey red. You get indigenous ones in Uttaranchal and mostly imported ones from Thailand in Delhi.


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