Mango Frozen Yoghurt (without Ice Cream Maker)

It's strange that sometimes the mention of a particular name brings back a flood of memories. Frozen yoghurt had never really had a significant role to play in my life. I had occasionally enjoyed the refreshing dessert from Cocoberry during the Summer months in Delhi, but that was about it. In my recent trip to Australia, however, it took a different meaning altogether. I was staying with my friend K, who apparently is a huge sucker for frozen yoghurts. On my first day in Melbourne, after a hearty lunch of Seafood Risotto, Sandwich and Lemon n Lime Bitters at a chic cafe at Degraves Street, she started longing for a cup of frozen yoghurt. We were hopelessly full at that time and decided on having it as our evening snack. After walking around from one block to another for the next 3-4 hours just as we were ready to hunt down a frozen yoghurt shop, there stood in front of us the Lindt Chocolate Cafe. If you know me you'd know that never in my worst nightmares would I walk past a Lindt cafe in search of frozen yoghurt. So we stepped in the chocolate haven, loaded ourselves with hot chocolate, an opera cake, some truffles and barely managed to walk out. Our frozen yoghurt agenda was sealed for the day.
On Day 2 we went for a Pakistani lunch of Haleem, Kebabs and the works (don't ask me why I was having kebabs in Melbourne. My friend hasn't been to India in a year and a half and I was happily complying to her wishes!). The moment lunch ended began the yearning for frozen yoghurt. We narrowed down a place some 20 minutes away that served it. We drove to that lane, parked our car and for the next 15 minutes walked up and down that block, but no sight of a frozen yoghurt shop met our eyes. Full to the brim, but still with the aim of making good our drive all the way we entered a French cafe and had the most delightful Salmon crepes and salted Caramel crepes ever. Later that day I lost my camera and in the mad hunt, the frozen yoghurt was temporarily forgotten about.
The next day I left for my tour across the length (south to north) of Australia and in the next 10 days whenever I came across a frozen yoghurt place, I suppressed my will to have it in the hope that we'd have it together. I even took this photograph while I was in Cairns and sent it to K to multiply her frozen yoghurt craving. Our frozen yoghut quest was finally given shape almost 3 weeks later — the evening before I was coming back. We went to this place called Cacao Green and gorged on Vanilla Bean and Nutella Banana Frozen Yoghurts.
Last month when Kolkata Food Bloggers was hosting a Summer Splash event, one of our members Sarani (of Cocoawind) posted this amazing Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt. Now we don't get strawberries in India at this time (damn), so I decided to wait till mangoes took over the fruit market and make a Mango Frozen Yoghurt. It turned out better than I expected, the neat little scoops blowing my mind completely. Everybody in my family loved it. I just wish K were here to have it with me. :(
Also, this happens to be my 200th post. Phew, I've survived to document 200 recipes! Drumrolls please?
Makes 8-10 regular-sized scoops

Mangoes, peeled and roughly chopped: 5 (keep aside a few pieces for garnish)
Hung Yoghurt: 1.5 cups
Lime juice: of 1 lime
Honey: 2-3 tbsp (or more depending on the sweetness of the mangoes. Mine were pretty sweet.)
Vanilla bean paste: 2 tsp (you can also use vanilla extract)


1. In a blender throw in everything and blend till smooth and silky.

2. Tip in an aluminium utensil and put in the freezer. After every 90 minutes scrape the mixture with a fork to prevent ice crystals from forming. Do this twice over the next 3 hours.

3. Now put it in an air tight container or cover the aluminium one tightly with a cling film and let freeze for 5-6 hours or overnight.

4. Take out the tub from the freezer 3 minutes before serving (if the temperature is 39 degrees and humidity 85% ie) and scoop out neat roundels of the frozen yoghurt. Serve with mango chunks as garnish.
It's Raining Mangoes: Day 4
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  1. Can I use plain homemade hung curd for this?


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