Kiwi Mojito

I don't remember when or where I had my first mojito. Not that it's relevant also. So I won't rack my brains and try to refresh the memory from the dins it's submerged in. What I do remember though is the first time I had kiwis. This was 7 years back — my friend K had just got married and on a winter afternoon she, her husband N and I had gone for a buffet spread at one of the high-flying restaurants back in those days. Like I do whenever I'm at a buffet, I loaded my plate with every single item — starting from the pickle right up to the fruit platter. The only things I'd voluntarily skip would be anything to do with aubergines (thank heavens I'm allergic to at least something) and maybe Indian desserts (milk comes a very close third in my allergy list following hilsa/ilish). Those were the days when I was 10 kilos lighter and used to spend 2.5 hours a day at the gym. So yeah, a plateful of food (much to the alarm of K who couldn't believe that I'd actually finish off everything) later I was ready for desserts. Now K hates chocolates and the only dessert she likes is lemon tart. Needless to say her dessert plate was almost barren (I was tempted to write "her dessert plate was almost like a desert but then decided against the cheap comparison!). I started feeling embarrassed and looked at N pleadingly to give me company. What N did was something unimaginable. There was a tray of some tiny mousse-like dessert topped with kiwis. He said, "I don't feel like having so much sweets. But I can have the kiwis." And with that disclaimer he started picking up kiwis from each of those tiny little things and popping them in his mouth. I also joined him in this fun game and very soon most of the desserts were stripped of the kiwi component. Thank Goodness there were other fruits as garnish! (Also, I don't do that when I eat out nowadays, promise!)
That was the first time I tasted kiwis. And my love for it has only grown in the interim seven years. So when I had a big bowl of mint sugar syrup and some sprigs of fresh mint (which wilted in no time, say hello to 40ยบ Celsius!) left from my Mango Lime Mint Popsicles and Mango Lemonade, I decided to rustle up a Kiwi Mojito. I had a glass at 1.30 in the afternoon (judge me not, I'm at office till midnight leaving me only the afternoon to get drunk!) but apathetic to alcohol that I am, it contained barely 15-20 ml rum. So you're totally free to spruce up the rum content but of course drink responsibly, especially if you're driving after that.
Serves: 2

Limes: 4 (1 juiced and 3 cut into thin round slices)
Mint sugar syrup: 4 tbsp (or more depending upon you desired level of sweetness, you
can find the recipe of the mint sugar syrup here)
Fresh mint leaves: 15-20 (plus for garnish)
Kiwi, peeled and cut into round slices: 2
White rum: 60 ml (I used Bacardi)
Club soda: 1 cup
Ice cubes: The more the merrier


1. In a cocktail shaker add the juice of one lime, the mint sugar syrup and stir to mix. Now add half of the kiwi and lime slices and the mint leaves and muddle away to glory. This is good arm exercise, so do it for a while till the oil from the mint leaves is released and the mixture releases aroma.

2. Check for tartness and add a little bit of mint sugar syrup if you so wish. Shake the entire mixture for 30 seconds or stir well. Discard the rinds of the lime.

3. Take two glasses and fill them up with ice cubes one half way up. Line the sides of the glass with 2-3 slices of kiwi and lime each.

4. Now first pour in the rum, equally dividing it into 2 glasses. Divide the lime-kiwi-mint mix and then top it up with club soda. You can play with the amount of rum depending upon your affinity towards alcohol!

5. Garnish with kiwi and lime wedges and fresh mint leaves (my mint was no longer fresh!) and serve.
Summertime Love: Day 6
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