Watermelon and Green Chilli Granita

I'm sure there isn't a single one of you Calcuttan out there (or even those who visit the city from time to time) who hasn't been privy to the delight that Bohemian is? Because I tried this place out quite late but has been in love with it ever since. When Bohemian first opened around 5-6 years back and I would cross it on so many occasions, I used to mistake it for a coffee joint. I guess there wasn't any Zomato around back then and nobody really took the pains to clear my misconception.
And then after a good 2-3 years I learnt that it was a Bengali speciality restaurant. Now coming from a food family where Chingri Maachher Malai Curry, Chitol Maachher Muithya, Bhetki Maachher PaturiKosha Mangsho, Chhanar Dalna, Shukto, Fish Fry (to name a few) are the order of the day, I took little interest in venturing out to that place. And then happened Zomato or more correctly my brush with the menu of Bohemian. Their fascinating concoctions of Aam Kashundi with Bacon, Prawn and Crabmeat Dumplings in a Nolen Gur Reduction and suchlike made my tastebuds curious! I dined in Bohemian for the first time last December. It's a place which inspires me in many ways - in terms of flavour combinations or in terms of fusion ideas. After my debut sojourn here I tried my version of their Nolen Gurer Cheesecake. 
My visit to Bohemian again last week made me fall in love, among many other things, with a Green mango and Green Chilli Sorbet that we had as a palate cleanser. Crystals of soft Mango-Chilli ice that melted in your mouth and rendered a cooling sensation so welcome in this "pyachpyache gorom" (sticky heat). I came back home and immediately sliced half a watermelon, added some green chillies, lime juice, a little bit of honey, sea salt and chaat masala and blended everything away to glory. I poured the entire mixture in a tray and let it freeze. The first time this granita did not survive to see the light of day. As soon as I opened the freezer to scrape it, I tasted it once and just chucked the plan of scraping out of the window. I took the tray in both my hands and drank the semi-frozen luscious red delight to glory. I make this EVERYDAY now, rather every night after I come back from work, and by lunch time the next day the tray is squeaky clean!
I've tried this with only watermelon up until now (primarily because I still haven't gotten over it) but I plan to try the original version with kNacha aam (raw mango) soon. Or even with some pineapples later in the season! This is the perfect Summer dessert, high on taste and believe it or not negligible in calories!
Serves: 6-8

Watermelon, deseeded and diced roughly: 1 medium
Green Chillies, chopped finely: 6-8
Lime juice: Of 4 limes
Honey:3-4 tbsp
Sea Salt: A generous hepling
Chaat Masala (for an added kick): 1 tsp
Sugar: If needed and as much


1. In a blender pour in all the ingredients and blend till smooth. Transfer to a big rectangular tray. Put it inside the freezer. Let it chill for 2 hours.

2. After 2 hours and after every 1-1.5 hours thereafter, bring the tray out of the freezer and with a fork scrape the frozen mash to form flaky ice crystals. Keep doing this every hour till you are ready for serving.

3. With an ice cream scoop, scoop out dollops of the granita and serve in cute little bowls. You can also garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Sit back and enjoy this hot and sweet Summer frozen dessert.
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