Banana Cocoa Milkshake

Oh yes, finally it's that time of the year where 99% of human activities consist of cribbing about the rising mercury. Not that I am not an active member of that bandwagon though. This time around, however, I find Summer a little slow in approaching. It's clearly indicated by the fact that I can sleep away till midday without being forced to wake up intermittently by puddles of sweat that accumulate in my face, neck and back. Nor have I yet felt any of those, "Uff, ei gorome ar para jachhe na" (Can't bear this dreadful heat) moments! This is heartening in many ways. But at the same time, it's not.
No, I am not out of my minds for saying this. Don't get me wrong. I love the rains and ADORE Kalbaisakhi and become cranky at the slightest rise of temperature. But what this heat does to me, and very effectively at that, is reduce my appetite. Now I have come back a fortnight ago from a 3-week long trip which has bestowed on my shoulders the burden of an extra 3 kilos. I thought given it was April that I'd be going back, losing that excess weight would be a cakewalk. Half the days I won't feel like eating, the other half I'd satiate my hunger with fresh salads and juices/shakes/smoothies. But the plan never saw the light of day, and yes, I curse the weather for that. The more the cool breeze blows at night, the more I end up pulling the refrigerator door and popping into my mouth the freshly acquired Lindt truffles from my trip, among other things.
But no, this can't go on forever. The plug needs to be pulled. If the sun doesn't decide to take things in its own hands, I will. And I will, in all sincerity, whip up shakes and smoothies like this which will render in me the nutrition from the fruit as well and the satisfaction of chocolates. After I poured this drink into the glasses, I was tempted to reach out for a bottle of chocolate sauce, or even some chocolate and butterscotch chips to fancify my shake, but then this entire exercise would become pointless, no?
Makes 2 glasses

Bananas: 2
Cocoa powder: 3 tbsp
Milk: 400 ml
Honey: 1 tsp (or more depending on your sweetness preference)
Ice cubes: 5-6


1. Cut the bananas (with skin) right at the middle and keep them in the freezer for a good 4-5 hours. I kept them overnight. The next day, right before you get down to making the shake peel the bananas and plonk them inside your mixer. You may or may not slice them, everything will get mashed anyway.

2. Now add the milk, cocoa powder, ice cubes and honey into the mixer and give it a few good pulses till the ingredients are completely blended and smooth.

3. Pour into tall/medium/short glasses and drink away. 1 such glass is enough for a meal, trust me!
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