Kosha Mangsho (Dry Mutton Sauté)


  1. Looks yummy! Can I make this using chicken or lamb? What changes would you suggest if I did? Thanks

    1. Of course you can, Mona! If using chicken, you don't have to cook for so long. 20 minutes or so should be enough. Lamb should take more or less the same time as mutton, but keep checking whether the meat has been cooked through in both cases. Once that is done and the gravy dries up, you are good to go!

    2. Sounds awesome! I am trying out your Aloo posto today. Grew up in Calcutta so Bengali food is my weakness even though I'm a non- Bengali. Thanks for the great recipes!

    3. Thank you so much for going through my recipes and liking them! Do let me know how the Alu Posto turned out. :)


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