A Lavish Bengali Spread at Aura, The Sonnet

I have vivid memories of these four days three years back, the last Durga Puja I spent in the city. I had started pandal-hopping from Chaturthi itself (Pujo officially begins from Sashthi which come two days later) and I stopped at probably all the eateries in South Calcutta to grab a bite. A somewhat different experience however befell me in the Salt Lake area of the city. I had gone out with a then colleague to traverse the pandals in Salt Lake on Panchami and after hours of walking and clicking pictures, all we wanted was a nice restaurant that served good food to unwind ourselves. Alas, to our great disappointment we had to wander for an infinite amount of time in the lookout for the perfect place. But three years down the line I know that if I'm in Salt Lake and I need to fill my tummy with some authentic Bengali delicacies (like I haven't had enough already!) Hotel Sonnet's Aura is the place to be.
This is the first time Aura has decided to go the true-blue Bangali way by initiating a buffet that they call "Khnaati Bangali Mahabhoj". What is there as part of the spread will blow your mind. They have fixed different menus on each of the Pujo days. So some day you might get Hilsa, on another day some Chingri maachh. 

Up on the menu will be the staple Bengali relishes like Aam Kashundi, Kodbel Makha, Shorshe Narkol diye Ol bata and starters like Dimer Devil, Begun Bashanti and Aloo, Potol, Dhyarosh Bhaja. Following this there will the quintessential Luchi, Chholar Dal without which no Bnagli bhoj is complete. Vegeratian items include Shukto, Chhanar Barfi among others. 
Clockwise from top: Doi Ilish, Chitol Maachher Muithya, Koi Maachher Horo Gouri, Chingrir Malai Chamatkar, Komola Bhetki, Padba Maacher Jhaal
Raj Thakurer Kosha Handi and Dhonepatay Murgi Kosha
The non-vegetarian spread will contain four items ranging from an array of Doi Ilish, Komola Bhetki, Chingrir Malai Chamatkar, Koi Maachher Horo Gouri, Chitol Maachher Muithya and Chicken and Mutton as well. 

The meal is likely to end with Roshoholla, Kalo Jaam, Mihidana, in house speacialty like Kheer Malancha or authentic Shaktigarh er Lyangcha. 
Executive Sous Chef Subir Sarkar said they have brought in chefs specialising in Bengali cuisine to serve food that is not just famous in this part of Bengal but Opaar Bangla (Bangladesh) as well. 
The buffet starts for both lunch and dinner from September 29 and would continue till October 5 at a price of Rs 1,100 + tax/ person. A La Carte is also on offer for Rs 1,500 + taxes for two people.
So if you are in Salt Lake during Pujo and in the lookout for a restaurant that'll take care to satiate your tummy with mouthwatering Bengali dishes, Sonnet is the place to be. 

Aura, The Sonnet
Block: DD. Plot No. 08, Sector-01. 
Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700064

PS: This was an invited preview and the post is completely a personal account of the blogger based on her experience. No monetary compensation was involved.


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