Black Currant Sparkler

I have a thing for crushes. No, not the teenage falling in love kind. But fruit crushes. I had my first brush with crush (wow, that sounds cool!) in Mahabaleshwar (a small hill town in Maharashtra) long back when I was in school. The love affair that started with strawberry crush gradually spread to its other cousins so much so that buying crushes almost became an obsession with me.
The last and one of my most favourite till day has been the Green Apple crush (find what I did with that here and here). So once it got over, I immediately headed to New Market to restock my pantry. But this time things did not go as per plan. I had almost paid for the Green Apple crush and was nearly walking out of the store when suddenly my eyes fell on this rich purple beauty standing at the back of the shelf. Yes, this black currant crush!
My immensely talented blogger friend Dhrubaa (who writes at Not A Curry), an ardent fan of black currants herself, urged me to go for the black current one and after a 10-second hesitation even I settled for it. In the last one week that this crush is lying in my refrigerator, I've made this drink an insane number of times.
It acts as a brilliant thirst quencher as well as a fancy cocktail. I've had this for breakfast as well as a late night snack while watching FIFA. It's not very sweet, slightly bitter than most crushes, but with some ice cold water and a hint of lime, this drink is an absolute winner. Add to it some vodka and you don't have to head to that bar for an expensive cocktail!
Serves: 2


Black currant crush: 4 tbsp
Lime juice: 1/2 a lime
Cold water: 1 1/2 glass (in case you are using vodka reduce it to 3/4-1 glass)
Vodka (optional): 50-60 ml (or according to taste)
Ice cubes: Lots of them


1. Put half of  the ice, black currant crush, vodka, lime juice and water (add gradually according to taste) in a shaker and shake well.
2. In a round-bottomed or martini glass, add ice cubes. Pour the contents of the shaker.
3. There you go!


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