Green Apple and Lime Mocktail

I had promised here that this Summer it is going to be all about shakes and smoothies and other drinks. And true to my word I bring to you one of the simplest, easiest and yet a brilliantly refreshing thirst-quenchers. I had a similar kind of drink on a hot May afternoon last year at Rubi's Grill on one of my hometown visits from Delhi. Immediately after going back I bought a bottle of this Green Apple syrup and thus began my love affair with this drink. I've tried many versions of this, altering ingredient quantities or substituting one with another. I'm sharing with you the most basic version today. For this I used green apple crush instead of syrup.You can use sparkling water or soda for a fancier effect, a dash of vodka/Bacardi to make it a cocktail or even some mint leaves to make it fresher than it already is. This is probably one green beverage that I don't mind having everyday!
Serves: 2


Green apple crush: 5 tbsp
Cold Water: 1 1/2 glass
Honey: 2 tbsp
Lime, juiced: 1
Ice: As much as you have in your freezer


1. Put everything in a blender and blitz till frothy. Pour in glasses and wait for a minute or so to allow the froth to rise to the top leaving the rest of the drink crystal clear. Drink away to glory!
Disclaimer: You're probably going to see a lot of this green apple crush (I mean...A LOT) and its variations in the coming month or so because of my latest obsession with it. So, stay tuned!


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