White chocolate mousse cake with butterscotch and chocolate chips

I was watching TLC last night. Okay, this is no news. What I was watching was its latest offing, Rachel Allen's Easy Meals. Yesterday's episode was all about romantic meals which she concluded by a sinful dark chocolate mousse cake. Now, food is my favourite object of romance. So obviously I had to follow suit.

Also, I'm lagging behind in my a dessert a week challenge. Haven't been well the whole of last week and the only sweet thing I've had during this phase is lots and lots of gur (molasses) and ice cream sundaes with almost anything that I could lay my hands on. But these don't really count in the challenge. So when I got back home from work a good hour before normal today, I decided to not bide my time watching Sherlock for the 923rd time (sigh) and move my a** to do some serious cooking. An hour and a half later this is what was in front of me.

Now this cake is a cakewalk. Promise. All you need is just four ingredients which are ALWAYS readily available, a little bit of patience and some luck. Mousse cake sounds very fancy and all, but trust me, even your 4-year-old can do it. Okay, that's stretching it a bit too far.

The toppings are totally not necessary. I'd advise you against going for any frosting as the mousse itself has a silky smooth texture, as opposed to a normal cake. What I did was sprinkle some butterscotch and chocolate chips for a bit of crunch to counter the velvety-ness of the cake. But you can absolutely do away with it. Also, I used white chocolate because I have a lot of it in my larder which I need to use up. But I strongly believe the dark chocolate version would taste miles better. That I'll save for another week.

Serves: 10-12


White chocolate: 150 gm
Butter: 75 gm
Caster Sugar: 100 gm
Eggs: 4
Butterscotch (optional): a handful
Chocolate chips (optional): a handful


1. In a double boiler, melt white chocolate and butter till smooth and without any lumps.

2. In a large bowl, break the eggs and blend them using a hand blender for 2 minutes. Add sugar and continue blending for 5-7 minutes more till light, fluffy and voluminous.

3. In the meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180 degree C and line a round cake tin with baking parchment. Butter the parchment and the sides well.

4. Now fold the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture rotating the bowl in a reverse direction.

5. Once both the mixtures are smoothly incorporated, transfer the batter to the cake tin and bake for 30-35 minutes. Take out of the oven when still a bit wobbly.

6. Cool on the wire rack for 30 odd minutes. The cake will collapse during this time giving way to cracks on top. It is meant to, so don't be nervous.

7. Once cold, sprinkle butterscotch and chocolate chips and refrigerate for 3-4 hours or overnight before serving.


  1. Looks extremely tempting. .slurp slurp. ..
    But hey can you please tell me where these cake tins will be available

    1. Sreetama, glad you liked it. Try it out sometime and let me know how it turned out. You can get the cake tins from New Market. They are mighty cheap and come in various shapes and sizes...even heart-shaped and teddy bear-shaped! :)

    2. simply saying that i had a chance to taste it....would be an understatement....although the chef herself was skeptical and probably not happy with the consistency of this mousse cake.....but for the chunky bit i had....it was a-mousse-ment for my taste buds....the chocolate chips and the butter scotch beads were tingling....it was an experience.....and for those who missed it....well you have to nag the hostess for a repeat... i give it 5 on 5!!!! :) :)

    3. The fact that I could get a lactose-intolerant person dive into white chocolate sea is more than a feat! Not to mention the superb ambience in which you had it! :) Thanks Aritra, in future I'll make sure to treat you with stuff for which you don't have to swallow a pill later!


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