Flagging Off

Now is definitely not the time to inaugurate my food blog. No. Not especially after I've gained 4 kilos in as many months. What I should be concentrating upon right now is healthy eating (6 meals a day in a gap of 2 hours each and all that shit) and exercising. The latter I do. The former...well..I try. My average day begins with muesli and yoghurt (strange combination I know, but am milk intolerant. Not lactose, mind you. Though I sometimes wish I were, 'cause that would have ensured that the butter and cream and cheese wouldn't have featured in my food habits. But what to do? Harsh realities of life!), progressively leads to roadside daaler bora (daal pakodas) and alu bhaja (fried potato) on way to work and finally culminates into a couple of pieces of Bournville/Lindt before I hit the bed. In between though I have all the oh-so-healthy stuff like brown rice, brown bread, egg whites, lean meat, fish, vegetables (green ones included) and fruits. Now having them steamed or stewed or boiled is not my thing. If I can't even look forward to my next meal what's the point of living?!

So what I do and do with gusto is hit the kitchen everyday. Break the monotony of the regular bhaat, dal, maachher jhol and cook up a storm which results in food I can't live without. A lot of my food inspiration have come from celebrity chefs (Oh TLC, what would I do without you) and some from my folks back home. So this blog is a tribute to the august league of Nigella Lawson, Kylie Kwong, Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Allen, Donna Hay, Keith Floyd, Rachel Khoo, Sanjeev Kapoor, Aditya Bal, Madhur Jaffery, Anjum Anand and last but not the least my brother (in-law) Antar B.

Nigella Lawson

Rachel Allen

Rachel Khoo

Kylie Kwong

Gordon Ramsay

Sanjeev Kapoor


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